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Profile verification

Due to the great popularity of the site, we have too many cases of misuse of personal data every day: name, phone numbers, addresses, advertisements without the person's consent, false advertisements and information, prohibited items, contact advertisements (sexual offers) on behalf of a third party, counterfeit goods, and many others. All these points are against the law of the Republic of Macedonia. Due to the aforementioned reasons, we are forced to take measures to provide you with quality service. Despite our best efforts, it is absolutely impossible to accurately check the thousands of submitted ads every day whether they are a scam or a genuine ad.

Profile verification is mandatory. The price for the verification is 98 day + VAT (116 day.) for 1 year ( 12 months), All unverified profiles will be deleted.

Please verify your profile after verifying it, *you can 1 year to enter ads for free and also for free change your listings. In total you can manage up to 100 ads on an annual basis. The price for the verification is 98 day + VAT (116 day.) for 1 year ( 12 months, from the day of payment ). Renewal of advertisements is charged additionally.

Payment information

Bigmedia Ltd
UNI Bank
Account number: 240230002254055
Please, when paying, in the field “purpose of remittance” to enter the user's number.

Where can I see my User Number?

If you are already registered as a regular member please login first. After successful login, you will find yourself in your field - My profile - there you will find your user number.

I paid the amount. How long will it take to certify my profile??

Once the amount is paid, activation may take a few days, depending on the workload. Approximately from 1 to 3 working days depending on how long it will take for the amount to arrive on our account. If you want to speed up the process, you can send us a scanned receipt for the payment of the amount of support(at) We constantly monitor our bank account and as soon as your payment is confirmed, our administrators will activate the verification.

How to recognize a certified member? Certified members receive a certified logo in their listing details. If you open an ad, the certified logo will appear next to the user's contact information.

Terms of use

Note that Ad5's terms of use can be changed and updated at any time. You will always find the current version here. By using the services, you agree to the stated conditions.

Even though it is paid for verification if they are certified by the Administrators if the users:
   - publish advertisements that are not in accordance with ours terms of use
   - post duplicate ads, multiple listings with identical content, including in different regions and categories
   - knowingly publish advertisements in the inappropriate category
   - post ads in different profiles
   - post a logo in the main image of more than 5 ads
   - post pictures that are not at all appropriate with the ad

then explicitly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete the profile at any time without prior notice.
With the annual amount of 98 day+VAT you can manage up to 100 ads, if you want to manage more ads, you need to become a premium member, as a premium member you will get more advantages and you will be able to manage up to 500 ads , for more information Click here

Reklama5 offers its users an online service. It contains both free and paid services. For using the services of Reklama5 registration is required. For this purpose, the client needs an e-mail address and a password that will be chosen by him.
With the registration, first of all, a free service between Reklama5 is created and the registered customer who is governed by the provisions of these terms of use. After registration Reklama5 offers paid services to the client. The basis of the contract of these paid services are also these general conditions of use.
Before concluding the contract for paid services, the client is informed about the content of each paid service, as well as about the prices and terms of payment. The service of Reklama5 is on operational duty continuously seven days a week with 90% availability throughout the year.
Outages due to software maintenance and upgrades, as well as the time when the service is not available online due to technical or other problems that are not under the influence of Advertising5, are excluded from this. (force majeure, third parties, etc.).
In the event that your profile is deleted due to technical problems, refunds will not be possible.
For using the service Reklama5 in full, the customer must use the latest search technologies or enable their operation on their computer (for example. activation of Java Skript, Cookies, Pop-ups). If older or non-current technologies are used, it is possible that the customer may only be able to use the Ad5 services to a limited extent.. If you need a pro-invoice, the cost for the verification is 98 day + VAT (116 day.) + 40 day. for pro-invoice processing and postage.


Please remember: The certified logo does not enable 100 % protection against abuse, the same rules and conditions of Reklama5

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