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Privacy policy - protection of personal data

The protection and security of your personal data is one of the priority tasks of Reklama5.mk .We pay particular attention to the right to privacy and the protection of personal data of our users. We appreciate your interest in our website and thank you for visiting our website.

When you create an Ad5 user profile.mk, we collect and store the data needed to create your profile. By using the Ad5 website and verifying your user profile, you agree to the collection, processing and use of your personal data by our company.

That data is:

   - Name and surname
   - E-email address
   - Phone for contact
   - Location
   - Advertisement data
   - IP address


The data we collect is stored with us in accordance with the regulations for the protection of personal data.

For more detailed information, visit the website of the Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data of R.Macedonia dzlp.mk.

Your personal data is used exclusively to enable our services and improve them. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent. Processing of your personal data for another purpose can be done based on your prior written consent. We use appropriate technical security measures to protect your data provided to us. Our security measures are constantly being improved in line with technological developments,however, it cannot be fully guaranteed that the security measures will prevent third parties from illegally using them.For those reasons, if you have knowledge about such a thing,Please let us know immediately how we can respond accordingly.

You can change, update, correct or completely remove your personal data and information at any time,with the appropriate request submitted to our company.

Payment with payment cards is made with data that, due to security during communication via the Internet, is encrypted using a special code SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

For security reasons, your IP address will be recorded in our system. In case of fraud or abuse of the same IP address will be provided to the competent authorities. Of course Reklama5.mk also cooperates closely with the authorities in the investigation procedure.

According to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, this information will be archived in our company within a period of no longer than one year after the expiration of your user profile.,after which they will be deleted.

Before the expiration of this term , data can be deleted,based on your written request,with the fact that all possible responsibilities due to this will fall on you,that is, our company will not bear the consequences that may arise from your request.

By submitting your data for use, you consent to such data storage and transfer of the same to third parties, at your request. In doing so, all appropriate measures are taken in order to secure and protect your personal data in accordance with legal regulations.

The data will be stored on separate security servers and the same will be properly encrypted for greater security.

In doing so, we note that electronic transmissions of information are not completely secure and we cannot guarantee their complete protection and security.. Our company guarantees that it will take all necessary measures to protect the data that we receive electronically.



Reklama5.mk offers its users an online service. For using the services of Reklama5.mk registration is required,and for each paid service, the user is informed about the content as well as the prices and terms of payment. The service of Reklama5.mk is on operational duty continuously seven days a week with 90% availability throughout the year. Outages due to software maintenance and upgrades, as well as the time when the service is not available online due to technical or other problems that are not under the influence of Advertising5, are exempt from this..mk (force majeure, third parties, etc.). In the event that your profile is deleted due to technical problems, refunds will not be possible.

For using the service Reklama5 in full, the customer must use the latest search technologies or enable their operation on their computer (for example. activation of Java Skript, Cookies, Pop-ups). If older technologies or technologies that are not in common use are used, it is possible that the customer can only use the services of Reklama5 to a limited extent., for which the responsibility is exclusively on your side.


Profile verification is mandatory

For security reasons, profile verification is mandatory.

Please verify your profile.

After you verify it, *you can 1 year to enter ads for free and also to change your ads for free. In total you can manage up to 100 ads on an annual basis. The price for the verification is 98 day + VAT (116 day.) for 1 year ( 12 months, from the day of payment ). Renewal of advertisements is charged additionally.

All non-verified profiles will be deleted.

Payment is made through the payment slip or payment card. For more information click on https://www.reklama5.mk/Help/HelpUserVerifier

Please remember: The certified logo does not enable 100 % protection against abuse, the same rules and conditions of Reklama5 apply.

By our company in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data , all technical and organizational measures will be applied to protect against accidental or illegal destruction of personal data , their accidental loss, impersonation, unauthorized disclosure or access. At the same time, we warn of the possibility of misuse of your data by unauthorized third parties , who obtained them in an illegal way, which is why we ask to be informed about it immediately. Otherwise, all risks of misuse fall on you.

In the event of the need for any transfer of such data through a telecommunications network or in another form, they will be protected by an appropriate method, so that they will not be readable during transmission.. The methods of protection will be chosen by our company.


Cookie Policy (Cookies)

In order to make the Reklama5 easier and more accessible to use, we use cookies. Cookies (Cookies) are small text files that are stored on your computer by the web server. Our website uses cookies (Cookies) to optimize our services, so that the system can function properly and improve the use of the platform. This information is anonymous and does not contain personal data. Reklama5 does not collect any data from these cookies. Cookies are divided according to their function: mandatory, performance, functionality, advertising and session cookies.

Almost all web browsers are set to receive automatically cookies, but if you don't want to use them,you can do this by changing your web browser settings on your computer or mobile device and turning them off or deleting them.

Please note that if you turn off cookies you will not be able to use some of the features.


Own responsibility for content

Users are obliged to provide only true data in the entered advertisement. Reklama5 reserves the right to change, supplement or delete any part of the page or the entire offer without prior notice, as well as to temporarily or permanently stop the publication. Responsibility for the content of advertisements, images, videos, profiles or other attachments rests solely with the authors. Reklama5 does not guarantee constant availability of the website. Advertisements on Reklama5 come from users and companies. We point out that Reklama5 does not guarantee the quality, completeness, reliability or legality of the advertisements, as well as user communication.

In accordance with Art.14, 15, 17 and 17 from the Personal Data Law ,at your request we are obliged to supplement them , let's change , delete or suspend the use of your personal data in case of their incomplete inaccuracy, non-updation and if their processing is not in accordance with the provisions of the law. This duty is also your right in the event that any omission of the data on our part is ascertained , for which you will be duly informed in a timely manner.

If your data could be used for advertising material and the like , we will ask for your consent in writing for the same , and finally, for the same, you have the right to immediately notify us of your request that the data not be used for such purposes.

It is not allowed to collect personal information such as email addresses through other users,telephone numbers, or to obtain them in any way without the consent of the users. It is also not allowed to copy, change or expand content of other people's ads.if you notice any abuse,Please notify us immediately,how we could take appropriate action.


Prohibited content

Oit is clearly inadmissible to give announcements such as offer, demand or event on Reklama5 (text or images) with the following content:

Advertising on other websites and businesses, especially classifieds websites, e-commerce stores, online auctions

Obviously frivolous and insufficiently described job offers.

Contests, bets of all kinds, including lotto and other games of chance.

Credits, loans and financial support without full data on the home address of the credit institution.

Investments, securities, especially shares.

Paid phone numbers as well as SMS services.

Offensive, offensive or discriminatory expressions.

Racist, defamatory, violent or unconstitutional content.

Illegal advertisements, which threaten or injure the right or health of a third party.

Pornography, including pornographic and juvenile materials and objects.

Prostitution offers.

Contact ads on behalf of a third party.

Reporting of irregularities and suspected fraud or corruption.

Chargeable telephone services or referral to commercial erotic sites.

Lists, folders or similar. Containing the address of the manufacturer, trader or supplier.

Ads in a foreign language without Macedonian translation.

Advertisements that are not within na the rules of Advertising5 and advertisements that are not within the framework of legal regulations in Macedonia will not be published.


Prohibited items

Inadmissible items are both for supply and demand:

Stolen, counterfeit or unauthorized copies of any kind, including pirated products.

Prescription drugs, counterfeit drugs, or drugs reasonably suspected of being counterfeit.

Drugs and stimulants within the legal regulations in the Republic of Macedonia.

Radioactive substances, poisons, pyrotechnic products, explosives, as well as other chemicals harmful to health.

Human organs, blood and other body fluids, as well as worn underwear.

Weapons in terms of firearms law, in particular firearms and cutting and stabbing weapons of any kind, as well as ammunition.

Official uniforms and passports from security areas.

Products with labels of unconstitutional organizations.


No double display of ads

The ad is given only once and only at the supply or demand location. Your ad appears in the selected location and section and can be found through a regional and national search or a search throughout Macedonia. Multiple posting of an ad with identical content – including in different regions and headings – it is not allowed.

These rules also apply to advertisements, which differ through images and wording, but which are identical in content..

Also, supra-regional services may not be offered multiple times. Ads with multiple attachments and similar content will not be tolerated and will be deleted immediately.


Links to other web sites

On the website Reklama5 you may find links to other web sites that are not our property.

If the user visits such pages on this website ,regulations applicable to data protection and other guidelines should be respected.

Reklama5 does not assume responsibility for the standard of data protection and processing of personal data of other companies.

All links have their own privacy policies which you agree to at the time you click on the link. In such a case our company is not responsible , nor does it assume responsibility for the protection of your data , if you choose to transfer them to third parties. Our responsibility applies to the data you leave on our website, but not to links to third parties over which we have no control..


Spam, fraud, abuse

Reklama5 does not tolerate spam (Mass creation of content-identical attachments (topics) and/or answers),which means that it is not allowed to publish the same attachments in multiple categories. If you are bothered by spam, don't hesitate to contact us at: support( at )reklama5.mk


Password protection tips

Please take the following precautions:

Keep your password secret and do not share it with others.

Avoid using the same password that you use for other websites. If you have the impression that an unauthorized person has discovered your password, change your password immediately and notify them Reklama5.mk .

Your email will not be displayed. Instead, the potential client can write to you via a contact form or in a detailed case via e-mail.


Age limit

To be able to use this page you must have it loaded 18 years. Members under 18 years of Advertising5 are not accepted.


Termination, suspension

Reklama5 reserves the right to terminate or suspend the user's registration on Ad5 at any time, without written notice, if the same, in the opinion of Reklama5, did not trade in accordance with the terms of use. In case of termination of registration, Reklama5 will delete any user profile created,and his data will be kept within the stipulated period.


Content removal

Reklama5 reserves the right to change, move, edit or delete advertisements and entries on Ad5. Reklama5 explicitly reserves the right, at any time, to change, supplement or delete parts of the website or the entire publication without prior notice, or to temporarily or permanently stop the publication.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

Please note that Ad5's privacy policy and terms of use can be changed and updated at any time. You will always find the current version here under Ad5 terms of use.

By using the services, you agree to the stated conditions.


Contact with Reklama5:

If you have any questions, please contact us.


Bigmedia Ltd

6333 Radolishta



Ajudged on: 22.02.2017 year.



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