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Present yourself even more professionally with your own advertisement banner on Reklama5. Add additional information about you to your profile. From us you get effective, easy-to-use tools that will make a name for yourself and arouse the interest of buyers. Many companies operate online stores that have few visitors. With Ad5 premium membership you save time and money. Reklama5 you use it as your own website for sales. Profit with this new attractive service of ours:

     - All your products will be displayed in the regular search.
     - Create your own URL (
     - You get a direct link to all your ads through your URL.
     - Your brand ( logo) it will be visible in all your ads.
     - You can manage all your products, simply log in to your profile.
     - All your items will be displayed in the list.
     - Your logo, company name and detailed text about your service will appear on the subject list.      - In total you can manage up to 500 ads on an annual basis. Renewal of advertisements is charged additionally.

How much does premium membership cost??

Premium membership for 12 monthly packages (1 year) cost 490 day + VAT.

How can I pay??

Paying with a debit card is the most suitable way to pay without any risk for you or pay via payment slip.

How do I become a premium member??

If you are not yet a regular member of Reklama 5 Please register first. If you are already registered as a regular member please login first. After successful login you will be in your login field, just click the button there „become a premium member now“ which is displayed in the login box and then follow the instructions.

Premium field education and management.

Once your premium box is open, you will then have access to your personal page, where you will need to click on the Premium Box button. Fill out the given form and your personal profile is created. Edit your premium area, create your brand profile and present your offer. Your premium field is now set up and you can start selling. You can give a name, but remember that it should express your brand name.

General terms of use of the premium membership (12 monthly package)

By registering as a premium member, you accept the stated terms of use. By doing so, they become part of the contract.
Persons who have not yet reached the age of majority 18 years are not allowed to use this service. If you do not agree with the mandatory terms of use, you cannot register.
Reklama5 offers its users an online service. It contains both free and paid services. For using the services of Reklama5 registration is required. For this purpose, the client needs an e-mail address and a password that will be chosen by him.
With the registration, first of all, a free service between Reklama5 is created and the registered customer who is governed by the provisions of these terms of use. After registration Reklama5 offers paid services to the client. The basis of the contract of these paid services are also these general conditions of use.
Before concluding the contract for paid services, the client is informed about the content of each paid service, as well as about the prices and terms of payment. By clicking the button „become a premium member now“ the client declares that he wants to conclude a contract for the paid service defended by him.
The service of Reklama5 is on operational duty continuously seven days a week with 95% availability throughout the year.
Outages due to software maintenance and upgrades, as well as the time when the service is not available online due to technical or other problems that are not under the influence of Advertising5, are excluded from this. (force majeure, third parties, etc.).
In the event that your profile is deleted due to technical problems, refunds will not be possible.
For using the service Reklama5 in full, the customer must use the latest search technologies or enable their operation on their computer (for example. activation of Java Script, Cookies, Pop-ups). If older or non-current technologies are used, it is possible that the customer may only be able to use the Ad5 services to a limited extent..
The customer has the right to cancel the contract at any time through the login field, and the action will take effect immediately. The cancellation will become valid by clicking on the link „Delete premium membership“ in the field „login field“.


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