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Depending on the category, the search for the ad can be refined using various factors. When you search by category, you get a list of up to three broad categories in which the search results appear. Click on these categories to narrow your search further.
With the Ad5 sorting system you can quickly find what you are looking for by further filtering and sorting the listings. Type in the field what and where you are looking for.
You can decide which ads should be at the top. The default setting shows you the latest offers first. But you can also sort them by date, price and other criteria. Just choose from the list. If you know the number of the ad, you can call it directly through the search.


Search by region

Each ad is placed in a specific area. If you want to search for something in a specific city or region, then you can use the field „Region“. Select a region/city name, which will limit the search regionally, the entry is limited to one term. By using the filter „Regions“ you can refine your search. After entering your keywords, press the key „Enter“ or click the button to the right of the search box.


Search by keywords

Enter a word or more in the search box. Write the words correctly. After entering your keywords, press the key „Enter“ or click the button to the right of the search box. You can direct your request by selecting an additional category. When you enter a word in the search box, it usually searches for whole words within the first 80 letters. If you enter two words, then only those ads will be found, the texts of which contain both words. Try different search terms, such as make or model. Do not use the category name.


Search for the advertisement number

If you want to search for a specific ad, you can enter the ad number to get directly to the desired ad.



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