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Advertise on Ad5 - On average with approx 250.000 ads with over 2 millions of visitors /monthly and total 45 millions of pageviews per month, Reklama5 today is a number 1 trading platform in Macedonia.

Advertising today is extremely important for every company whether it is big or small. With your advertisement, you reach many new potential customers and business partners in a short time! Today we are one of the strongest advertising portals in Macedonia. The advertising of Reklama5 is particularly aimed at a certain target group and is very effective and multifaceted. Almost all of our visitors are businessmen and companies with strong purchasing power, it also serves as a place to meet, sell, buy, exchange ideas, contacts.

Reklama5 holds the leading position on all Internet search engines. Our website also has a high number of visitors from abroad, especially from our neighboring countries, we are growing continuously, however, this does not mean that we are satisfied, but we are trying to make our website even better. From our side, we always try to offer you the best performance. We are constantly working on further developing the advertising portal according to the wishes of the customers. Reklama5 wants to ensure high content quality of the published advertisements. Hence all ads are checked before activation. In addition to individual advertising, a combination of the standard forms of advertising on Reklama5 is also possible

You want to start an advertising campaign on Ad5?

You can place the ads in different places on the website. You are interested in special advertisements, we support you in their preparation. For further information and pricing questions, please contact us.

You will be delighted by the fascinating variety of Ad5. Everyone of you will surely be found in our extensive markets. Use our recognition for your advertising. Advertise your products and services successfully. An advertising banner always appears immediately above the latest advertisements and therefore catches the eye. Place a link from your company's home page or lead those interested directly to your offers on Reklama5 offers a number of advertising opportunities on the platform. The most popular standard format is still the banner.

- Advertising banners for all categories and regions

This ad is suitable for all those who want to present themselves throughout the country. Your ad appears in all categories and places

- Advertising banners only in one specific place.

Reach your target group directly in your region. Conquer your region. Target the customers in your vicinity in a traditional way and thus secure it for yourself „the pole position“. Therefore Reklama5 is an ideal platform for your online marketing!

- Banner ads in one ad category only.

Present your ad exactly where it is most wanted and win over your target group in the fastest way. Get in touch with your customers where they are looking for you – simple and maximally effective.

Thank you for your interest and we hope for further cooperation !

For more detailed information, feel free to contact us.
An important institution! There is no legal right to publish a logo or text. Reklama5 reserves the right to reject illegal, morally questionable or advertisements contrary to the interests of the entrepreneur.


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