How do I place an ad?

Selecting a category

Click above in the menu item box „Submission of advertisements“. The system will now ask you to select a category in which your ad should appear. Each main category has numerous subcategories. If your ad does not completely fit into any category, then choose a similar category. You can also make suggestions for new categories.

Ad title/caption

The title is the most important step for a good ad. A sensible ad title directly increases your chances of making a sale. The caption appears in capital letters. Give your ad a descriptive title to improve its findability through the search function, for example „Yamaha MT-01 in good condition… Use terms that are familiar to those interested (e.g. brand name, model, type). „Extra“, „great“, „cheep“ and so on are not suitable, because such terms are not required. Think about which features are especially good for your product. *Put the key terms at the beginning.

Product description

A reasonable description of the product increases the chances of its sale. A complete and well-thought-out description makes your product more interesting to potential buyers. Be honest in your product description and provide reliable information. Don't forget to point out possible technical or visual flaws. Do not assume that buyers will contact you for information. They are more likely to simply continue searching. Questions to which you should give an answer in the description of your product are:

   What do you want to sell??
   What does your product consist of??
   What is his age??
   What is the manufacturer, model and type?
   What are the dimensions?
   What are the most important features??
   Possible technical or visual defects?
   Use descriptive search terms!
   Use terms that are familiar to potential buyers!
   Do not use asterisks, plus signs, or other special characters!

The price of the product

You can set a price as a negotiable basis or as a fixed price. In order to determine a realistic price, we advise you to look at similar offers in Ad5. But you also have the option to leave the price of your product as a matter of agreement or not to leave any information about the price.

Pictures - Image ads are more successful.

You have the opportunity to upload for free to 10 pictures of your ad. Through pictures, you make your product more interesting and attractive. Pay attention to the brightness of the pictures, daylight is best. You can use a simple colored fabric as a background, so that other objects will not separate from your product. By capturing up close, buyers can get a better idea of the product's condition. The images you want to attach to your ads should not exceed the specified size. If the images are taken with a modern digital camera or scanned, then they are usually very large and their transfer takes a correspondingly long time for us. It can also result in connection interruptions or, in the last case, publishing errors. That's why we recommend that in descriptive image ads you adjust the image size to 800 x 600 pixels. With these adjustments, there should be no error when uploading images.


Video clips

You have the opportunity to attach one video clip to your ad for free. So you can present your offers even more vividly. Make a short video clip of your offer via mobile phone or camera. Transfer the video clip to your hard drive. When you upload your ad, select the option to upload video clips and attach the video clip to your ad. Because video data can be very large, optimal transmission is only possible with a broadband connection such as DSL.

How to position the item on the map?

For more successful advertising, you have the possibility to position the objects on the map in some categories, watch the following video. repeat the procedure


How to put a video clip on You Tube

Signing up to You Tube
If you have not yet opened an account on You Tube, click on the link below to open it:
After signing up.
Click the button „Upload video“.
In the next window, click the button „Search“ to select the video file.
Select the desired file.
Click the button „Upload video“.
After a few minutes the upload will be complete.


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