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Pine tar
900 MKD
18.10.2022 22:59

Kochani / Kochani

NATURAL PINE TAR against respiratory lung diseases and chronic bronchitis - cleans the lungs after viral diseases (there are many positive comments from people who have used it).
Tar is used to treat many skin conditions (especially eczema, boils, mojasin, scurvy, and thick skin growths) as well as rheumatic joints and schillchi.
It is used for respiratory diseases and chronic bronchitis
"The blood of the pine" - as the hundred luge call the tar, it drains due to the high temperature that releases the resin. Tar is obtained by the process of dry distillation in walled closed furnaces. Only black pine is used for its production, as it has the highest quality resin. It is preferable that it be a black pine that grew on the side exposed to the sun and is at least 100 years old.


Cyst Pine Tar - 450 grams plus FREE Pine syrup 450 grams = 900 denars
Cyst Borov Tar - 250 grams = 500 MKD

Phone for orders 070 44 90 60

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