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Pulse oximeter - measure of SATURATION - saturation with OXYGEN
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10.06.2024 11:54

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A pulse oximeter measures SATURATION, ie. OXYGEN saturation. A pulse oximeter is a device that enables checking arterial blood oxygen saturation as well as heart rate (pulse). Oxygen saturation indicates the estimated hemoglobin in arterial blood that is filled with oxygen. Therefore, it is an important parameter for assessing respiratory function. Measurement with a pulse oximeter is painless and non-invasive, suitable for any type of patient, from children to elderly patients. Thanks to its simple use, the pulse oximeter can be used for private use, at home, as well as in the medical sector (hospital, medical facility). What are normal oxygen saturation values? Under normal conditions, values ​​should be above 95%. A normal range of values ​​is between 94% and 99%. A reduced range is between 90% and 94% and in that case a visit to the doctor is recommended. A low value of oxygen saturation (<90%) generally indicates basic diseases (respiratory diseases, asthma, cardiac arrest, etc.) and then it is necessary to urgently seek medical help. People with low oxygen saturation levels are more likely to have the following symptoms: shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, weakness, nervousness and sweating. If oxygen saturation is known to be chronically low, monitoring with a pulse oximeter is required under medical supervision. If you have acutely reduced oxygen saturation, with or without accompanying symptoms, you must immediately consult a doctor because it can lead to a life-threatening situation. COVID-19: Why can a pulse oximeter be used? Lung inflammation, which often occurs as a consequence and complication of the COVID-19 virus, is accompanied by a decrease in blood oxygen saturation. The use of a pulse oximeter can be very useful for monitoring this parameter (in patients who show some typical symptoms, are in isolation or are still waiting for test results), because those who are in a state of hypoxemia or poor supply of oxygen to the lungs do not always have a short breath. A pulse oximeter, therefore, gives a complete picture of the situation and measurement values ​​that should be communicated to the doctor who will be able to give advice on how to proceed.

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