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Gjorche Petrov / Skopje

BEEKEEPING DUKOVI PERGA - 20 grams is 700 denars Mixture: 20 grams of perga in 1 kg of honey = 1300 denars. Order by phone 078300612 Find out the power of perga - bee bread in human nutrition! There are fantastic stories about perga: from the rapid growth of hemoglobin when the blood to the return of youth and effectively greater potency. PERGATA represents one of the best bee products, both for bee colonies and for humans as an apitherapeutic agent. without comb there are no young bees, no wax, no queens, and no fertile drones. The composition of perga contains all the substances found in milk: proteins, fats, vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, folate, pantothenic, nicotinic acid, riboflavin, 6 sex hormones, PERGATA helps in case of anemia (anemia). stomach problems, arterial hypertension (increased blood pressure), arteriosclerosis and signs of premature aging. The exceptional value of perga is shown in the prevention and treatment of prostate problems. Daily use of perga is recommended for every man over the age of 45. Children suffering from diarrhea and anemia or severe infectious diseases should consume perga. A small teaspoon of perga with breakfast increases the number of red blood cells by about 800,000 within a month. PERGATA contains "everything that the human organism needs to survive" For those reasons, perga has also been found in many weight loss diets. The presence of ruthene in perga contributes to the elasticity and strengthening of the capillary walls, so it is considered as a preventive measure against: brain hemorrhage, heart attack, dilated capillaries on the surface of the skin and in the eyes. Perga restores the intestinal flora, which is often disturbed by long-term use – taking antibiotics. The phenomena of radiation - radiation therapy (vomiting, decrease in the number of blood cells, lack of appetite, weakness and malaise) are significantly reduced by taking Perga. Why has no beekeeper ever offered you a comb or at least some product that contains a comb? The answer is simple, the current practice of removing comb from the comb is laborious and in one day the beekeeper can remove barely 140 g. That's why every grain that is separated from the frame during squeezing is meticulously collected for himself and combined with the honey prepare your own elixir. This is due to the longevity of a large number of beekeepers, who have felt the power of the comb.

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