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Kombucha for sale / Kombucha for sale
300 MKD
02.03.2022 12:42

Bitola / Bitola

I sell homemade kombucha. Kombucha extract is a 100% natural food supplement obtained by concentrating fermented kombucha tea. Regular intake of kombucha extract allows: • intake of specific bioactive molecules such as gluconic/glucuronic acid, which are naturally produced by the liver, and are important for detoxification processes in the liver and the body as a whole. The correct function of the liver is necessary for the timely breakdown and elimination of toxins from the body and regulation of fat metabolism; • intake of enzymes that help break down organic substances in the intestines and circulation. Kombucha extract is intended for all people who have a disease or reduced function of the liver, i.e. fatness (liver steatosis), tumor, cirrhosis, conditions of hepatitis A, B or C, elevated levels of fats in the blood (triglycerides and cholesterol). , people who need improved detoxification of the body (in case of increased toxicity of the body from drugs from food, hormonal or chemotherapy, pesticides or other industrial chemicals), as well as in people with impaired health and function of blood vessels. 070 432 939

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