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Kumanovo / Kumanovo

I'M SELLING A DIGITAL PID CONTROLLER-THERMOSTAT FOR TEMPERATURE REGULATION UP TO FROM 0-400C WITH A SET TEMPERATURE ALARM AND A MENU WITH MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS FOR VARIOUS PURPOSES IN THE INDUSTRY. COMES WITH K-PROBE AND RELAY KIT SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: about 48mm × 48mm × 110mm (APP) Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5% FS Cold tolerance ± 2 Celsius (can be changed by software to 0 ~ 50 Celsius degrees) Resolution: 14 bit Sampling cycle: 0.5 seconds process value (PV), setting value (SV) Output, alarm and self-tuning can be displayed by: LED control PIN (including ON / OFF, step-type PID and continuous PID) auto-tuning control Relay output: contact capacity 250V AC 3A (resistive load) Alarm function output: 2 way Contact output capacity: 250V AC 3A (resistive load) ambient value (SV): identical to measuring range (PV) Proportional range (P): 0 ~ full range (ON / OFF control when set to 0) Detection temperature: 0 to 400 Celsius Insulation resistance: > 50 million ohms (500V DC) Insulation resistance: 1500V AC / min

Category: Business and activities, Machine tools / Electrical and electronic equipment

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