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Professional vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning CIMEX C
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05.03.2020 10:11

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CIMEX VAC30L is a vacuum cleaner specially designed to work with wall sanding machines (also called wall sanders). Intended primarily for use in construction, the vacuum cleaner offers compact dimensions, light weight, high suction power and a variety of applications. You can connect different machines with a power of up to 2000 watts to the machine, so when starting the machine, the vacuum cleaner will also be activated. This auto-start option gives you great convenience when working with hand-held circular saws, sanders and other tools. A characteristic feature of the combination of a sander and a vacuum cleaner is that in the process of sanding, the machines create very fine dust that easily clogs the filters of standard vacuum cleaners. The difference between standard professional vacuum cleaners and CIMEX VAC30L is the Push & Clean filter cleaning system. The filter cleaning system of the vacuum cleaner allows the filter to be cleaned without disassembly and removal. The procedure is quick and easy - hold the vacuum cleaner hose with your palm and press the filter cleaning button 3-4 times. In this procedure, the vacuum cleaner's motor sucks in air from the vents that are placed on the side of the housing, pushes it back under pressure in the reverse direction through the filter, cleaning it from the inside out. A professional vacuum cleaner is not just power - an important indicator of its quality is the amount of dust particles in the exhaust air. The hygiene of the exhaust air of the CIMEX VAC30L vacuum cleaner is ensured by a cylindrical HEPA filter with a dust absorption ratio of 99.7% and absorption of particles with a diameter of up to 0.3 μm. Vacuum cleaner CIMEX VAC30L is: • Professional vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning • Professional vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning • Vacuum cleaner for construction waste • Vacuum cleaner for giraffe for sanding walls • Vacuum cleaner for belts and eccentric sanders • Vacuum cleaner for manual circular saw • Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter ... and much more

Category: Business and activities, Machine tools / Professional tools

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