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- I AM SELLING KOMBUGHA MUSHROOM FOR MAKING TEA IN A JAR WITH A HALF LITER DRINK TOGETHER OR JUST A DRINK OF KOMBUGHA TEA 1.5L FOR 300 DAYS OR TWO FOR 600 DAYS. I SEND THROUGH CARGO EXPRESS ALL OVER MACEDONIA. - HERE ARE ITS COMPOSITION AND MEDICINAL PROPERTIES. - Kombucha is a fungus composed of a gelatinoid and tough fungal membrane in the shape of a flat disk. It lives in a nutrient solution of tea and sugar, in which it constantly multiplies. The fungal disc first expands over the entire surface of the tea and then thickens. When cultivated in the right way, it grows, sprouts and serves its owner for a lifetime. During the process of fermentation and oxidation, the fungus in the tea acts with various complex chemical reactions. It feeds on the sugar in the tea and in exchange produces other valuable substances, which are an integral part of the kombucha liquid: glucoronic and lactic acid, vitamins, amino acids, antibiotic ingredients... It is for these reasons that this tea fungus is a real small biochemical factory. Glucoronic acid is one of the most important products of Kombucha liquid, L-lactic acid is also a very important component. Kombucha is rich in vitamins: especially B complex and vitamin C. [2] In its composition, kombucha liquid also contains a large amount of acetic acid. The positive effect of kombucha is undoubted (it is also known in our people). Kombucha extract is a preparation obtained from properly fermented kombucha liquid. It is obtained with special equipment and under special physical and chemical conditions. The most important fermentation products of the kombucha liquid are extracted, and water, acetic acid and all living microorganisms are removed. This way we get a stabilized product with a long shelf life and constant pleasant taste. In its composition, the extract from kombucha has a real wealth of glucuronic acid, L-lactic acid, vitamins from the B-complex, processed sugars, as well as residues of extracts from the tea mixture, which are used in the preparation of the tea for the kombucha liquid. Kombucha extract is a real concentrate of health, strength and energy. In addition, kombucha prevents some types of cancer, increasing the body's immunity, and during menopause it reduces "hot flashes", although after immediate drinking of the drink you may feel heat, but this is a sign that the blood flow is accelerating, which will help purify the body of toxic substances and fluids. It helps asthmatics and those suffering from bronchitis, as well as coughs, cleans the gall bladder, helps with colitis, stops infectious diarrhea, helps with insomnia, and is claimed to restore hair growth, etc. order phone: 077-735-790 070-607-455

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