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Accounting program (INFOS CONSULTING)
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28.02.2024 22:52

Karposh / Skopje

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1. Basic data about the applications - Client - server architecture. - POSTGRESSQL free database. - Unlimited number of workstations (depending on server capacity, operating system and installed network equipment). - MS VISUAL FOXPRO user interface. - You buy only those programs that you need, which are below in the list. It is possible to additionally purchase any application from the list below. - 1 year warranty, a period during which you receive all changes in the program on any basis, including legal changes, free of charge. - After the warranty period expires, you can choose flat-rate maintenance or on-call maintenance. 2. Program for FINANCIAL BOOKKEEPING - Entry, modification and deletion of booking orders. - Automatic posting of calculations and outgoing invoices from material bookkeeping, PLT and leveling from records in retail trade. - Analytical cards (in denars or foreign currency). - Analytical closed sheet (in denars or foreign currency). - Statements of open items (in denars or foreign currency). - Age structure of claims and liabilities. - Synthetic cards. - Synthetic lock sheet. - Income statement, balance sheet, special data (DE), explanatory notes and income structure adjusted for printing and electronic submission to the Central Registrar of the Republic of Moldova. - VAT book (input VAT, output VAT, form VAT-IPDO). - Cash flow by direct method. - Calculation of interest. - Automatic transfer to the next year. 3. Program for MATERIAL BOOKKEEPING - Entry, modification and deletion of calculations (receivers). - Input, modification and deletion of output documents (invoices, expenses, representations, briefs). - Material card. - Material balance. - Sales reports by customer (account), organizational units, locations, customer type, item group, warehouses, items by customer, customer by item, countries, places and months. - Book for input and output VAT. - Production (regulations, work orders and records of direct production costs) - Inventory lists - Automatic transfer to the next year 4. Program for records in retail trade - Entry, modification and deletion of calculations in the store (PLT template). - Entry, modification and deletion of levels - Entry, modification and deletion of daily market - Entry, modification and deletion in giro account book - Entry, modification and deletion in purchase book - Records in retail trade (ET) 5. Program for salary calculation - Salary calculation - Summary, payroll, payment notes - Entry of other payments to citizens - Records of loans and other withholdings - Receipts of paid income - Export to XML for submission electronically to the IRS 6. Records of fixed assets and depreciation calculation

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Инфос Консалтинг
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