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550 denars (magnetic belt for HALF) 450 denars (LONG magnetic belt) 490 denars (vest with plastics) 390 denars (shoulder belt) 380 denars (clamp for KNEE with MAGNETS) 290 denars (clamp for snoring and apnea) 190 denars ( WHITE children's clamp) 240 denars (NECK BELT) 690 denars (EYE MASSAGER) Home delivery 130 denars. 🍀🍀 MAGNETIC BELT FOR BACK and SPINE - for straightening the back, for pain in the spine, shoulders, spine and scoliosis. It is mostly used to return the shoulders to a normal position, i.e. to remove hunching in children and adults who spend a long time in a sitting position. They have a patch on the back with which they adapt to different body sizes. The belt has 10 magnets that are placed on the spine and lumbar region, which improves circulation and reduces back pain. Magnet therapy has been used for centuries to help reduce stress, improve circulation and muscle tone, and reduce pain. 🍀🍀 KNEE BRACKET - Can effectively help relieve physical local fatigue and pain as well as knee swelling. Suitable for people suffering from arthralgia, arthritis, bone hyperplasia and leg muscle pain. It can also help protect the knee while performing daily activities. PRICE - 380 denars. 🍀🍀 MAGNETIC TOURMALINE NECK BELT It functions according to the principle of self-heating. It contains tourmaline crystals woven into the fibers that absorb the heat released by the body and with it heat the place where the belt is applied. The built-in magnets further accelerate the circulation in the blood vessels and heat the neck, which relaxes the neck muscles and relieves pain. PRICE - 240 denars 🍀🍀 EYE MASSAGER Get rid of eye fatigue with the eye massager in just 5 minutes after a hard day! An ideal massager that massages the areas around the eyes. The massager is also suitable for migraine treatment. It runs on two batteries. PRICE - 690 den. 🍀🍀 CLAMP AGAINST SNORING AND NIGHT APNEA, as well as for night grinding of teeth Advantages of using this product High quality material – It is made of high quality neoprene material which is easy to adjust and supports the knee joint. Comfortable to wear – The quality material from which it is made allows for comfortable wear and does not cause sweating. Universal – It has a universal size and is ideal for sports or everyday activities that have active repetitive movements of the knee and relieves the pain of the knee injury.

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