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Description - Temperature regulator for incubator -20 + 99C PROTON-RT02 7613M temperature regulator for incubator PROTON-RT02 7613M with cyclic timer and alarm. PID control, thyristor output and SSR output. Temperature range of regulation for heating and cooling -20 / + 99 degrees Weight: 160 grams Description of the device Features of the thermostat Proton RT01 - Operating temperature from -19.9 to 99.9 ° C - Output type "non-contact relay" with a maximum power of up to 3 ,15 A and 240VAC - Additional output for managing an external non-contact relay works in parallel with the basic output - 5V, 100 mA max. - Operation of the output in relay mode (on / off) or PID mode, with the possibility of automatic calibration of the PID constant. - The relay output can be configured in different temperature alarms or cyclic relay versions up to 10 hours. - Function "Waiting for the first Clock of the alarm" - the alarm does not work during the initial activation until the condition for turning it off is met. Description of the conclusions 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 1 - +5 V power supply for external SSR 2 - 0V transistor for external SSR max. 100 mA 3 - + 5V power supply for sensor 4 - Sensor input (0 - 2.5V) 5 - 0V for sensor 6 and 7 - Power supply for the device ~ 220VAC 8 - Normally open contact of relay for Alarm 9 - Total contact of relay for alarm 10 - Normally closed contact of alarm relay 1 11 and 12 - Conclusions of the built-in contactless relay. Connecting the device: The connection mode is shown in the diagram. The power supply to the device is not connected to the output of the device - their power supplies are supplied separately. The warmer wires are color-coded as shown in the diagram. Incorrect connection of the sensor may cause the device to malfunction (display shown). With Err sensor error, all outputs are turned off. The main output circuit is protected by a 3.15A fuse located inside the device. The relay output is not protected by a fuse. InP Input settings InPAoFS Correction of the measured temperature Setting range: -12.8 ° C to 12.7 ° C, step 0.1 ° C; master reset: 0.0 ° C InPASt Input measurement time Setting range: 0 to 255 ms, step 1 ms; factory setting: 3 ms. Out Output Output Type of the output type of the output output type. Possible settings: - positional control law (on / off) REL - PID control law PID PID Main reset: OutALc Output control direction. Possible settings: - Heating Ct - Cooling cL The setting applies to positioning and PID. Factory setting: (heating) Kt OutAKYS Output hysteresis with positioning law. Setting range: 0.0 ° C to 25.5 ° C, step 0.1 ° C Main reset: 0.2 ° C OutAdLY Output delay in positional control law. Setting range: 0 to 255s, step 1s. Factory setting: 2 s. OutAP Output form of the PID control pulses. - Simply spaced over time SPR short pulses. The mode is more suitable for heaters. WE SHIP BY CARGO. 077-735-790 070-607-455

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