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B.Sc. Musician gives lessons in Violin, Piano, Theory
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01.03.2023 22:38

Aerodrom / Skopje

Graduated violinist in classical music. Violinist for 18 years, 4 years of professional piano playing, self-taught ukulele and experience of junior, intermediate and academic knowledge of music theory. He teaches violin, piano, ukulele, solfège and music theory. Some students practice for more time without significant progress, and some reach an advanced level in a short period of time, allowing them to continue improving themselves. 1. Violin - attitude, technique and performance, Intonation, reading notes, phrasing a melody, fundamentals of violin technique, optional works. 600 a day. 45 min 2. Piano - Technique and speed of performance, playing according to chords (harmony), skill of playing with both hands, reading notes and chords, optional works. 600 a day. 45min 3. Ukulele - (soprano) learning all the chords, various right hand playing techniques, works of choice 500 days 45min 4. Music Theory and Solfeggio - knowledge and singing of scales, intervals, chords, reading notes, basics of harmony, application of theory in practice, dictates. 500 a day. 45 min - I give lessons at home (Novo Lisice) - With the opportunity to play master 4/4 violin, professional clavinet with piano parts, ukulele, use of professional music and music theory manuals. 071 675 852

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