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Jug ASTRA with filter Unimax AquaMag Mg2+ mechanical (blue)
1,460 MKD
02.01.2021 20:35

Skopje Centar / Skopje

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With a mechanical counter, with a Duffy Unimax AquaMag Mg2+ filter and with a jug volume of 1.5 L! Enriches water with magnesium! The jug efficiently removes: - Chlorine and chlorine compounds; - Heavy and radioactive metals; - Petroleum products; - Unpleasant smell; - Pesticides and toxins; - High hardness of water; - Sand, rust, clay, mechanical impurities. GREEN MASTER PRESENTS YOU the most modern technology for crystal clear, tasty and healthy DUFI water. Made with the most perfect and practical shape – pitchers with a changeable filter that fit perfectly into every kitchen and home. DAFI jugs have: - A series of international quality certificates; - Incredible purification efficiency; - Affordable prices without competition; - Great design – just pour a glass of beautiful water. A mechanical or electronic indicator will remind you when you need to replace the filter element. - Functional bottom, which does not allow the jug to slip, even if it is left on a wet or damp surface. A unique filtering element with a complex water filtering system consisting of several stages: • Previous mechanical filtration; • Polyamide mesh – for cleaning from fine particles, scale, oils; • Regular cleaning: specially selected highly active components based on ion-exchange resins and active carbon, treated with silver ions, effectively remove chemical impurities. Activated carbon has a natural origin and is obtained by controlled burning of special wood. Thanks to the strongly developed internal surface, activated carbon effectively retains a large amount of valuable substances and impurities from the water - chlorine, heavy metals, organic compounds, polyvinyl chloride and many others. Activated charcoal is treated with bactericidal silver, which prevents the development of pathogenic microorganisms in already treated water. The ion-exchange resin reduces the hardness of the water and the ions of heavy and radioactive metals (lead, cadmium, nickel, mercury, etc.). It prevents the formation of scale when heating the water, reduces its hardness and makes it pleasant to drink. • Final filtration – again mechanical purification that retains fine particles from the filtering components and guarantees clean, fresh and tasty water. Code: 23404 http://www.zdravje-ubavina.mysite.tsom/dafi_bokali_filtri.html 078 610 785

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