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08.09.2023 06:09

Gostivar / Gostivar

N I K I V I T A 100% NATURAL ELIXIR From bee products perga fermented bee pollen honey propolis and malic acid from wild apples No artificial additives aromas and colors N I K I V I T A NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC ANTIOXIDANT and BIOSTIMULATOR Contains a large number of vitamins minerals enzymes coenzymes carbohydrates hormones proteins and amino acids Helps strengthen the immune system and regulate blood fat and body weight Cleansing the body of toxins free radicals and other harmful substances Regulation of blood pressure metabolic disorders obesity stress arteriosclerosis nervous disorders headache dizziness diseases of the throat and airways premature aging infertility skin diseases rheumatism gout anemia decreased appetite diseased prostate in damage to the intestinal flora colitis enteritis varicose veins LDL cholesterol triglycerides impaired blood circulation ringing in the ears lung diseases kidneys liver and cardiovascular diseases chronic fatigue emaciation recovalescence Improves the utilization of potassium in the body, strengthens the psychophysical condition, gives cheerfulness, energy and strength. establish a biochemical and mineral balance in the body and speed up the renewal and rejuvenation of cells and tissues Lack of acidity in tissues is one of the most serious causes of disease NIK I V I T A complements those deficiencies Beekeeping D A B E S K I Trajko Jovanoski Street 11 1230 Gostivar Phone 072644402 071797789 070561835. Price of NIKIVITA 700 ML 700 MKD 400 ML 400 MKD Delivery method Direct delivery to your address in all cities at a price of MKD 160 http://nikivita.weebly.tsom/

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T.Jovanoski 11, Gostivar
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