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If you have tried many times without success, now you are facing the real challenge. A rich collection of unique, super-quality preparations that restore self-confidence and a sense of success. The only thing you will lose are the extra pounds. APIHERBAL preparations work in several ways in the fight against excess weight: they reduce appetite and increase the feeling of satiety; they speed up metabolism and improve digestion; they help burn fat deposits and convert them into energy; they regulate blood sugar and prevent the transformation of sugars into fats; eliminate excess fluids from the body, especially those that accumulate in fat and cellulite tissues; remove cellulite; they empty the intestines and cleanse the body of excess substances; they strengthen immunity and tone, invigorate and refresh the body. Herbal drops for weight loss and body shaping is an ideal combination of medicinal herbs in combination with NIKIVITA, formulated for effective melting of fat deposits and perfect body shaping. It regulates the metabolism, stimulates the expulsion of excess liquids and intestinal contents from the body, improves the work of the digestive organs and creates a feeling of satiety. Herbal drops with the NIKIVITA elixir is a dietary probiotic agent that maintains the balance of the microflora and controls body mass. It regulates the metabolism of sugars and serves as a prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis. It is recommended for everyone who wants to lose weight and to prevent the deposition of fat deposits, especially for people who are involved in sports and fitness. Herbal drops against weight gain, herbal drops for weight loss. 500 ml. 1200 den. Apiherbal Beekeeping DABESKI Gostivar 070561835

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